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Every weight loss program, no matter how positively it’s packaged, whispers to you that you’re not right. You’re not good enough. You’re unacceptable and you need to be fixed.

I officially reject that message. I reject it for myself, and I reject it on your behalf, too.

— Read My Hips: How I learned to Love My Body, Ditch Dieting, and Live Large, Kim Brittingham (via dessida)

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Text 10 Nov Log 11.10

1: cereal, milk
2: popsicle
3: cereal, milk, banana
4: apple, hot pocket
5: spaghetti, broccoli, salad with dressing

Lazy day leads to lazy eating. Must avoid.

Photo 10 Nov 3,088 notes The person you thought you were is no match for the one you really are.

The person you thought you were is no match for the one you really are.

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Text 9 Nov Log 11.9

1: oatmeal with pumpkin and walnuts
2: tuna sandwich, grapes, salad with dressing
3: banana, pb
4: pb&j, yogurt, veggies
5: cornbread, honey

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I am stronger than a medium-rare T-bone steak.

A piece of white bread cannot control me.

I am not afraid of ramen noodles.

I am worth more than this can of Diet Coke.

I could eat a double chocolate lava cake and a Poptart and a piece of fried chicken and mashed potatoes and a cookie and a hot fudge sundae and butterscotch ice cream and a biscuit.

And I would still be the same person that I am right now.

omg THIS..

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Text 8 Nov Log 11.8

1: raisin bran, mini-wheats, milk
2: chocolate milk, apple
3: Hawaiian rolls, string cheese
4: latte
5: stir fry with beans over rice, yogurt

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